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Be an expert in material hauling, handling, and transfer with a top-notch low loader rental from Heavy Haulage – your reliable source of hauling and loader equipment in Malaysia. We offer an affordable solution to your heavy machinery transport.

  • Comprehensive fleet of different types of low loader units
  • Competitive sewa low loader rental rates for short or long term hire
  • Attentive crew and loader drivers at your service
  • Accommodates urgent lease request
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Johor is the biggest fruit-producing state in Malaysia. Fruit producers utilize both manpower and farming equipment to cover and work on hectares of lands. However, moving massive agricultural machinery can be a challenge without the right transport vehicle.

Heavy Haulage is a leading equipment transfer service provider that provides a broad range of low loader rental in Johor and other parts of Malaysia. Our business is created to help clients, farmers, and businesses move their equipment with ease. Whether you are moving our farming equipment to the next land or transferring your construction machinery to another worksite, we have the transport vehicle that you need.

Impressive Collection of Multi Axle Trailer Units in Malaysia

Equipment transfer is a tricky task. Doing it haphazardly could lead to equipment damage. Our collection of lowboys and flatbeds are equipped with the necessary features to secure your equipment and transfer them to the agreed location.

Our inventory showcases numerous brands and models of low-bed trucks and multiple axle trailer units that can be used for agricultural purposes, moving massive building machinery, and shipping multiple vehicles and equipment. Whether you are looking for a trusted lorry crane rental or a flatbed 4 axle trailer, you’ve come to the right place!

Efficient Equipment Transfer Solutions in Malaysia

We know how important your equipment is to your business operations and the success of your trade. Which is why we strive to deliver the best service and products to move your machinery efficiently. Our low loader for sale units are sourced from trusted manufacturers, complete with accessories for secure transport.

Our rental units are handled and maintained to the highest degree by a team of service professionals who has experience in managing transport vehicle fleet. They ensure that the transport vehicle we offer will deliver utmost performance during use and guarantee the safety of transported equipment. Whether you are moving your equipment in Johor, Klang, KL, Penang, Shah Alam, Melaka, or Selangor, you can count on us for assistance,

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Transport machinery at worksite with the experts!

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